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Less Is More: 7 Minimalist Web Designs for Your Inspiration

It has always been a mystery to me how website owners (especially when it comes to reputable brands) can opt for a complex web design with loads of graphics and textual elements. As for me, the beauty of web design boils down to simplicity. Less is more :). Although the number of websites having complex designs is prevailing, the true artists would always vote for simplicity. They believe that in such a way you can convey far more information, and make your visitors relax and get better user experience. Below I’ve compiled a list of minimalist (read – insanely awesome) web designs for your inspiration.

Because I’m an avid music fan, couldn’t pass by music-related minimalist websites :). Not only does they offer gorgeous user experience, but they also enable you to play various instruments online. Enjoy their aesthetically satisfying, minimalist designs:

Jam With Chrome

As the tagline on the screenshot says, you can play music live with your friends using this web resource. Just pick an instrument, enter your nickname, invite friends and start jamming! Attention, very addictive.

Beatbox Academy

What not to love about the parallax scrolling? Perhaps, it’s increasing popularity only :). Enjoy the eye-pleasing design of the Beatbox Academy website, and don’t lose you chance to play drums on their main page.

Now, when you’re back (I bet you’ve spent at least 5 min on each of the aforementioned web resources) it’s time to move further :).

Yaron Shoen

Simple isn’t boring. Simple can be very creative. And Yaron Shoen proves this with his blog. Yaron Shoen is a human interface designer. He keeps his personal website as simple as possible. I like it, and I’m happy to share it with you.

My Lapka

Simple and elegant, visually stunning and effective. The same is about their product – Lapka computer. Natural pallette has a very alluring and calming effect, as for me.

Soup Agency

If you’re not flat design allergic, you’re likely to fall in love with Soup Agency website. It’s simple, clever, engaging and bold. Flat at its finest.

Co Op

This is the main page of a branding agency. You may find it boring until you discover their Team page. It is also minimalist, but so gorgeous, isn’t it? I wish I has a team :).

Toy NY

Toy is another branding agency. It’s as simple, inspirational and exciting as a brand new toy. Enjoy their website.

Final Thoughts

Minimal desing isn’t just about the number of elements on your web page, it is also the way you put them together. Hope this post will make you join the light side and simplify your desing :)!

Feel free to share great examples of minimalist design in comments.


  • Johan vandenOutenaar

    Hi Howard, compliments for you pragmatic analysis of the DIY site builders! Looking forward to an all-over comparison overview… 😉

    You said it yourself: What not to love about the parallax scrolling? Did you find this option in one of your tests?

    • Hi Johan,

      I haven’t seen this feature so far. However, I know that Webydo has launched a closed beta version of a native Parallax Scrolling animator. Perhaps, we’ll see this feature live pretty soon.