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5 New Features in Zoho Sites, Again

Zoho Sites anchor feature

Hot on the heels of the first round of spring updates, the hardworking Zoho Sites team announces its second series of improvements. It’s fair to say that these updates are all small changes, but they will be welcomed by those who want a little extra customization. Let’s take a look at the updates:

Move/copy design elements. With this new feature you can move design elements from one page to another simply by clicking the move/copy button.

Page specific header & footer code. This feature allows you to embed and keep some widgets specific to a page. For instance, you can embed a chat box into the footer and keep it only on the contact us page.

Pages without navigation. Users can now hide all the navigation elements to create pages that look completely different and don’t link to any other page. In other words, you can now create landing pages.

Images of all sizes. Resizing images has become even easier. With Image Resizer you can now drag the image to any size.

New fonts, button anchor, and more. With the new anchor links feature, you can link a part of your website to another page or place helping your site visitors find corresponding information quickly, without having to scroll up/down or go to another page.

They’ve also added three new Chinese fonts.

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