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3 Pages of Your Website That Need a Creative Attitude

Whether you’re just considering launching a website or planning a major blog overhaul, consider giving a little extra creative charm to your pages. This doesn’t necessarily mean stuffing your blog with bells and whistles of all shapes and sizes – just give some love to the pages, importance of which we often overlook, namely About Us, Contact Us and 404 Error pages. Hope this post will make your creative juices flowing :)!

About Us

Telling where your staff went to school and just listing the scope of your services isn’t enough for a creative About Us page. To make an alluring page, you should ‘humanize’ it – add your employees’ cheerful photographs (non-office environment is perfect). Don’t hesitate to make your visitors laugh when landing at your About Us page – evoking positive emotions is the best way to make your product catchy. The funnier and cleverer you About Us page is – the more chances your clients will share it with their friends and colleagues.

Contact Us

This page isn’t just for displaying your phone number and email. It should furnish the most accurate contact data and actual notes. For instance, if your company has a storefront – embed a map, Google Streetview or insert some pics. Remember to include your working hours, parking details and other things your clients will be grateful for. In case you’re blogger and you’re the only person in charge, it makes sense to inform your visitors when you’re on vacation.

Don’t overlook furnishing links to your social media accounts – these are the fastest and the easiest way for most people to find you.

404 Page

Going down is a bummer, but a fact of life. Regardless of your tries to ensure your website uptime, you can’t avoid sudden disruptions which don’t depend on you. Thus, having a cool 404 page makes sense, just in case!

You can’t just write ‘unavailable’ and call it a day. Don’t be boring! As for me, this is the place where you can unleash your imagination – when a visitor faces this page, you’re off :). So, don’t hesitate to embody your funniest fantasies – make your visitors laugh while you’re resolving your downtime issues. Below is Tumblr 404 Error Page for your inspiration.

These pages contribute to your business’s brand identity. It’s never late to make them a bit more creative and fun. So go and think up something insanely great! 🙂

If you have come across a particularly creative 404, About Us or Contact Us page, don’t hesitate to share it – just drop a comment below ;).