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20 Brand New Wix Templates

The theme library of Wix continues to grow with the introduction of 20 brand new templates. Refined and bright, the new templates feature some of the hottest web design trends including:

  • long-scrolling one-pagers;
  • anchor links;
  • fun and colorful graphics;
  • bold color schemes;
  • beautiful fonts;
  • vertical menus and more.

Here are some of the new templates that we just couldn’t pass up:

Bright Blocked Illustrator Portfolio

Wix themes - Bright blocked illustrator portfolio Wix themes – Bright blocked illustrator portfolio

Creative Staffing Agency

Wix themes - Creative staffing agency Wix themes – Creative staffing agency

Minimalist Fashion Designer Portfolio

Wix themes - Minimalist fashion designer portfolio Wix themes – Minimalist fashion designer portfolio

The new bunch of templates is undoubtedly a great announcement, yet only for those who are just looking to build a website with Wix, as currently it’s impossible to change the template you’re using for your Wix site. It’s also not possible to combine two different templates in one site. If you want to use one of the new templates, you need to create a new site with the chosen theme.

The good news is that once you have built a new site with Wix, you can transfer your premium plan and domain to this website. The downside is that you have to re-upload your content manually.

This happens because Wix uses the ‘absolute positioning’ principle, allowing users to drag and drop items anywhere on the page what makes it impossible to change templates without losing your content. Compare this to the builders using the ‘box model’ where users can add drag-and-drop elements to limited areas (boxes) on the page. When you need to change your site’s theme, your content will be transferred from the current boxes to the corresponding sections of your future template. This system is used in uCoz and Weebly.

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