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Top 5 Website Builders Rated by SWB

uCozuCoz is an ‘all-in-one’ website builder with over 9-year experience in the web publishing industry. The platform works as a system of ready-to-use Modules: Blog, Forum, Mini Chat, Polls, Photo Gallery, E-shop, Online Games etc. One of the key advantages of uCoz over competitors is that it provides users with full code control.
uCoz review

Weebly reviewWeebly has survived a major overhaul in 2013. As of today, it’s a feature-laden website builder with its own eCommerce platform, mobile editor and iOS/Android applications allowing customers to manage sites on the go.
Weebly review

WixWix is primarily targeted at small business owners and independent professionals looking for an easy and fast web publishing solution. It offers an impressive collection of templates and third-party applications.
Wix review

MotoCMSMotoCMS provides users with unique CMS templates that are in fact 70% ready websites. These templates are equipped with an admin panel and set of ready-to-use widgets. MotoCMS doesn’t offer hosting services – you’re free to publish your MotoCMS-powered site on a web host of your choice.
MotoCMS review

webydoSquarespace is known for its beautiful templates and hardworking Team. This website builder stands both in style and functionality: it offers advanced import/export capabilities, solid eCommerce platform and Developer center.
Squarespace review