Top 5 Website Builders Rated by SWB

uKit.comuKit strikes a near-perfect balance of ease-of-use and efficiency. It’s a drag-and-drop site builder with a focus on business features. Responsive templates, ready-to-use widgets and $5 price tag make it one of the best site builders in the market.
uKit review

WixWix is a drag-and-drop site builder aimed at non-techies. Rich with beautiful templates, Wix is especially popular with creative professionals – bloggers, writers, painters, stylists etc. It’s a fun platform to try out, but it’s not for all website types. If you need to build a complex shop, Wix isn’t the best choice.
Wix review

Weebly reviewWeebly scored well in all our tests. It’s easy-to-use, feature-rich, and affordable. Weebly has an in-house eCommerce platform and a blogging system. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Weebly website builder has surpassed 25 million registrations.
Weebly review

uCozuCoz is the Swiss Army knife of website creation. Since its launch in 2005, uCoz has helped to create over 1.2 million websites. The platform works as a system of highly customizable building blocks called modules. These include Blog, Forum, E-shop, Web Polls, Mini Chat and Online Games, among others. It is a developer-friendly platform – users can customize the code behind any uCoz website.
uCoz review

WebydoWebydo is a sophisticated web publishing software developed specially for designers. It’s meant for users who are familiar with PhotoShop or InDesign. Beginners might find it a bit complicated.
Webflow review